Adding a WSDL document as a synchronization source

You can add a WSDL document to automatically create the resources that are required for testing the API that the document describes.
Note: Only SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 bindings are supported. Any schema definitions that are not referenced by an operation that uses at least one of these bindings is ignored.

About this task

Resources that are generated from a WSDL document can include operations and optional tests and virtual services (stubs).


  1. Launch the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard in one of the following ways:
    • Drag a WSDL file from the file system into the Logical view of the Architecture School perspective.
    • Click General > WSDL on the menu bar in the Logical or Synchronization view.
    • Click Web > WSDL on the menu bar in the Synchronization view.
    • Click the Create Synchronization Source icon () and select WSDL from the Type list in the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard.
  2. Complete the information on the first page of the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard that is unique to the WSDL source.
    The Synchronization Source wizard
    That information consists of the following options:
    To add an existing WSDL resource from the current project. Locate and select a WSDL document in the Select a Resource window and click OK.
    To import a new WSDL document into your project. You can import the information from a file on the local network, from a URL, or from a WebSphere® Service Registry and Repository server instance (see Setting up a new synchronization source).

    You can browse to display a list of identities. To add an identity to a WSDL document, see Adding an identity to the Physical view.

    To remove the selected sync source file from the display. You can specify multiple WSDL source files, which are displayed in the text box next to the buttons.
  3. Complete the wizard by following the instructions in Adding a synchronization source.


The resources that are required for testing the API described by the WSDL document are created.
Note: HCL OneTest API does not support operations associated with HTTP GET and POST bindings. When you try to synchronize a WSDL document that contains these bindings, you will receive a warning message that the operations will not be synchronized.