Adding a WADL document as a synchronization source

You can add a WADL document to automatically create the resources that are required for testing the API that the definition describes.

About this task

Resources that are generated from a WADL document in XML format can include operations and optional tests and virtual services (stubs).


  1. Launch the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard in one of the following ways:
    • On the toolbar of the Synchronization view of the Architecture School perspective, click Web > WADL.
    • Click the Create Synchronization Source icon () and select WADL document from the Type list.
    • Click General > WSDL on the toolbar of Synchronization view and click WADL in the Type list in the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard.
  2. Complete the information on the first page of the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard that is unique to the WADL source.

    The Synchronization Source wizard

    That information consists of the location for the definition file to use as a sync source. In the Location field enter a URL that points to a WADL definition file, or click Browse to find a WADL definition file on your local network, or click Registry to find a WADL document in a Service Registry by providers such as IBM API Connect. The WADL document is in XML format.

    Browse to display a list of identities. To add an identity to a WADL document, see Adding an identity to the Physical view.

  3. Complete the wizard by following the instructions in Adding a synchronization source.