FIX transport - Recording details

When you configure the FIX transport, you must provide the information about the recording mode. You can do so by using the Recording page of the FIX Connection window.

About this task

The following configuration options are available on the Recording page.

Table 1. Fields for the Recording page
Field Description
Recording mode The following options are available:
Packet Capture
Requires packet capture software.
  • On Windows systems, Network Packet Capture is included in the HCL OneTest™ API installation program.
  • On non-Windows systems, libpcap is typically installed by default. If necessary, you can download the latest package from

For more information about packet capture, see Limitations of packet capture.

External Proxy Server
The proxies in HCL Quality Server are used by HCL OneTest API and HCL OneTest Virtualization to record all HTTP(S) traffic that is routed through the proxy. For information about this option, see HTTP/TCP proxy setup.