Adding FIX dictionaries

You can add a FIX dictionary to the Schema Library in the Architecture School perspective if you want to test trade-related messages and the systems that use them.

About this task

HCL OneTest™ API uses QuickFIX/J, so any dictionaries added must be in QuickFIX format.


  1. In the Schema Library view of the Architecture School perspective, click the arrow next to the Add button, then click Business & Finance > FIX Dictionary.

    The New FIX Dictionary dialog is displayed.

    Enter Namespace and Location information in the FIX Dictionary dialog.
  2. Configure the options to use for the new dictionary, as follows:
    Type Usage
    Namespace A string that describes the version of the added dictionary in the format of "FIX.x.y" (x is the major version and y is the minor version). For example, FIX.4.2.
    Current® Location Denotes the full path (system or URL) to the file that contains the dictionary (click Select to enter path or URL, see next step).
  3. In the Select Location dialog, click Browse to locate and select a local schema file, or click the URL tab to enter the URL of a remote file.
    A local file path is shown.
    Note: HCL OneTest API includes the QuickFIX 4.0 through 4.4 dictionaries as defined by the FIX specification; see You can specify any of these dictionaries by URL by using just the dictionary file name (for example, FIX42.xml).
  4. Click OK when finished, and click OK in the New FIX Dictionary dialog.


The selected FIX dictionary is now available to be applied to messages as a schema.
Note: If wanted, you can drag and drop FIX dictionaries into the Schema Library to import several files at once.