WSDL documents

A Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document is a schema that describes a web service, including information on how to locate that service and what operations are supported. Within HCL OneTest™ API, a WSDL document enables users to construct a SOAP message that can be sent to a web service and to construct a template message in order to validate replies from web services.
Note: Only SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 bindings are supported. Any schema definitions that are not referenced by an operation that uses at least one of these bindings is ignored.

Within every WSDL document, a binding element defines the message format and protocol that is used for the operations and messages that it supports. HCL OneTest API currently supports the SOAP protocol for this purpose and as such all requests sent to Web Services use the SOAP Document-Literal or RPC encoded formatters.

Additional information about SOAP can be found on the SOAP specifications page of the W3C website. You can import WSDL documents that contain WS-SecurityPolicy assertions. This enables HCL OneTest API to automate the definition of security settings in SOAP messages. However, HCL OneTest API does not currently support the following WS-SecurityPolicy elements: SAML 2.0, signed and encrypted elements (XPath), transport binding, layout assertion, and entire header signing and encryption. For information about the WS-SecurityPolicy specification, see the OASIS website.