WADL documents

A Web Application Description Language (WADL) document is a machine-readable XML description of HTTP-based web applications (typically REST web services). WADL models the resources provided by a service and the relationships between them.

WADL is intended to simplify the reuse of web services that are based on the existing HTTP architecture of the web. It is platform and language independent and aims to promote reuse of applications beyond the basic use in a web browser. Additional information about WADL can be found on the W3C website.

You can add a WADL document to your project as an external synchronization resource that can be synchronized with the project. See Synchronization view.

Depending on the contents of a WADL document that you import, operations, physical resources, and Web URL and XSD schemas will be added to your HCL OneTest™ API project. You can use these resources to create tests and other resources in your project. See Testing with the HTTP transport and Virtualizing HTTP.