OpenAPI 3.0 definitions

An OpenAPI 3.0 definition specifies a set of metadata that describes a REST API.

When you have an OpenAPI 3.0 file that defines a REST API, you can add the file to your project as an external synchronization source. This source can be synchronized with the project. See Adding an OpenAPI 3.0 definition as a synchronization source. For more information about synchronization, see Synchronization view.

Synchronization creates the following resources:
  • Operations in the Logical view of the Architectural School perspective for all of the operations defined in the OpenAPI 3.0 file
  • Tests and stubs in the Test Factory view
  • New schemas in the Schema Library of the following types:
    • JSON Schema
    • Web URL
    • WebForm
Use the new schemas to create tests and stubs, either manually or from MEP, that can test the API with valid requests.