Common Schema Definition Language definitions

Common Schema Definition Language (CSDL) V4.0 definition specifies a set of metadata that describes an OData service.

When a URL points to a CSDL document, you can use it as an external synchronization source. You can synchronize this source with the project. For more information about synchronization, see the related links on this page.

Synchronization creates the following resources:
  • Operations in the Logical view of the Architectural School perspective for all of the entity sets and singletons defined in the CSDL file
  • Tests and stubs in the Test Factory view
  • New schemas in the Schema Library of the following types:
    • JSON Schema
    • WEB URL schema

    The schemas are used to test the service described in the CSDL file.

You can use the new schemas to create tests and stubs, either manually or from Message Exchange Pattern (MEP) that can test the API with valid requests.