Adding a webMethods Integration Server Domain

You can add a webMethods Integration Server Domain as a synchronization source in an HCL OneTest™ API project.


  1. Launch the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard in one of the following ways:
    • Drag a project library file (*.projlib) from the file system into the Logical view of the Architecture School perspective.
    • Click Software AG > webMethods Integration Server Domain on the menu bar in the Logical or Synchronization view.
    • Click the Create Synchronization Source icon () and select TIBCO Design Time Library from the Type list in the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard.
  2. Complete the information on the first page of the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard that is unique to the Integration Server Domain.
    The server name and credentials are displayed.
    That information consists of the following fields:
    1. Click Browse to select an existing Integration Server from the project, or click New to create a new physical resource (see Configuring the Integration Server transport).
    2. Click Refresh List under Packages to see the list of packages available on the server.
      Note: To more quickly find a specific package, you can click column names to sort the contents in ascending or descending order.
    3. Select the Import check box for each package you want to import.
    4. To limit the number of referenced services that are imported for each selected package, clear the Follow all service references check box and enter the maximum level of referenced services in the maximum depth field.
  3. Complete the wizard by following the instructions in Adding a synchronization source.