Receiving RV messages

About this task

When you are receiving messages by using RV, you must configure the subscriber options (1), message content (2), and optional filtering (3).


  1. Configure the subscriber options.

    Subscriber options for receiving messages by using the RV transport are managed under Subscriber Configuration.

    The only option to configure is the Subject, which is the message destination to listen to for incoming messages.

  2. Configure the message contents.

    For more information, see HCL OneTest API reference.

  3. Optionally, configure filtering.

    After messages are passed to HCL OneTest API, they can be filtered (by using header and body fields) with the configuration in the Filter tab.

    Note: When you are using filtering, the system under test must be correctly configured. Messages that are filtered out are silently discarded. HCL OneTest API does not produce any warnings or errors.


In this case, subject must equal "R2.send." Otherwise, HCL OneTest API discards the message.