Enabling private process testing in TIBCO Designer

With HCL OneTest™ API, you can test private processes in a TIBCO BusinessWorks project.

About this task


  1. Open the BusinessWorks project in TIBCO Designer.
  2. Select the root of the project in the Project tab.
  3. In the configuration panel, select the Design Time Libraries tab.
  4. Click to locate and select a new design time library.
  5. Browse to the location where you have downloaded the TIBCOBusinessWorks.zip file from HCL Quality Server. For information, see HCL OneTest API tool packages.
  6. Select GHTesterEnable.projlib and click Open.
  7. Click Apply in the configuration panel and let Designer save the project if necessary.
  8. A new folder, GH Tester Enable, appears in the project tree.
  9. Save the project in Designer.
  10. Select the Global Variables tab and ensure that the variables for GH_TESTER_HOST and GH_TESTER_PORT match the values that are used for Host and GH Tester Process Starter Port for the TRA file when the BusinessWorks project was imported.
    • The Environment variables GH_TESTER_HOST and GH_TESTER_PORT do not exist in your BusinessWorks project by default. After GHTesterEnable.projlib is imported, the variables are displayed with the default values of 5670 and localhost. You can override the values, if required. To do so, click the pencil icon on the Global Variables tab in Designer. In the Global Variables editor, right-click a variable and select Override Variable. This action also removes the default value.
    • The values can be changed in the TRA file, in the Physical View of HCL OneTest API’s Architecture School perspective.
    • Deployment of multiple process archives (PARs) within the same enterprise archive (EAR) can result in a clash of TCP ports. The HTTP private process listener is started in each BusinessWorks engine with the same port number. To avoid port clashes, edit the process archives in the TIBCO Administrator before you deploy. The following example shows you how to edit the process archives in TIBCO. Click the Advanced tab and set the values of GH_TESTER_PORT so that they differ. An example follows.
      1. Shown are two process archives added to the EAR deployment.

        Clicking configuration for a selected enterprise archive

      2. The application is loaded into the TIBCO Administrator.

        List of process archives

      3. Click the process archive and set the value of GH_TESTER_PORT.

        Editing the process archive to set the port value for GH_TESTER_PORT