Creating SmartSockets transports

HCL OneTest™ API creates the TIBCO SmartSockets transport when you create a physical TIBCO SmartSockets Connection/Broker resource in ’s Architecture School.

About this task

The physical resource can be used once it is bound to a logical SmartSockets Cloud component.

To create the logical SmartSockets Cloud:


  1. Open the Logical View of Architecture School (F7).
  2. Right-click the operation that is to contain the SS Cloud, or right-click the drawing palette to create the component at the top level, then select New > TIBCO > TIBCO SmartSockets Cloud.
    Note: You can also select the destination for the logical resource and then select TIBCO SmartSockets Cloud from the TIBCO menu.
  3. Provide a name for the new SmartSockets Cloud when prompted, then click OK.


To create the physical SmartSockets Connection/Broker:

  • In the Logical View, right-click a TIBCO SmartSockets Cloud and select the Set Binding in > [environment] > Create new TIBCO SmartSockets Connection/Broker option. You can then open the Physical View and double-click the new resource to configure it (see Configuring SmartSockets transports).
  • In the Physical View, select the TIBCO > TIBCO SmartSockets Connection/Broker option (or right-click the Physical folder and select New > TIBCO > TIBCO SmartSockets Connection/Broker). The new resource is opened for editing (see Configuring SmartSockets transports).

Each physical resource represents a TIBCO SmartSockets Connection/Broker transport that can be selected and configured as described in Configuring SmartSockets transports.