Adding Design Time libraries

You can add a TIBCO BusinessWorks Design Time Library as a synchronization source to an HCL OneTest™ API project.

About this task

Resources that are generated from the library include the required variables and bindings that are converted from the TIBCO global variables.


  1. Launch the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard in one of the following ways:
    • Drag a project library file (*.projlib) from the file system into the Logical view of the Architecture School perspective.
    • Click TIBCO > TIBCO Design Time Library on the menu bar in the Logical or Synchronization view.
    • Click the Create Synchronization Source icon () and select TIBCO Design Time Library from the Type list in the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard.
  2. Complete the information on the first page of the Create a new Synchronization Source wizard that is unique to the TIBCO Design Time Library.
    The first page of the wizard requests a location for the library.
    That information consists of the location for the library file to use as a sync source. Enter the full path to the file or browse to the file location.
  3. Complete the wizard by following the instructions in Adding a synchronization source.