Configuring a queue manager by modifying the qm.ini file

On Microsoft Windows and Linux systems, you can configure the queue manager to use the API exit files by modifying the qm.ini file.

About this task

To configure a queue manager to use the API exit file:


  1. In the queue manager directory, open the qm.ini file for editing. For example:


    Note: If the server contains multiple MQ queue managers, there is a directory for each queue manager, which contains the qm.ini file that corresponds to that queue manager.
  2. Edit the file as shown in the following example:
  3. Stop the queue manager (as a user in the mqm group):

    endmqm [queue-manager]

    You must repeat this command until a response similar to the following indicates that the queue manager is not available:

    AMQ8146: WebSphere MQ queue manager not available.

  4. Restart the queue manager (as a user in the mqm group):
    strmqm [queue-manager]
    Note: Ensure that the command server is running on the queue manager since HCL OneTest™ API sends commands to the queue manager and controls the exits.