Verifying the IDoc subscriber configuration

Verify the IDoc subscriber configuration by sending an IDoc from an SAP system to HCL OneTest™ API.

Before you begin

Complete the procedure outlined in Configuring an SAP system to send and receive IDocs. Ensure that HCL OneTest API is running.

About this task

The following procedure is only an example of how the configuration is typically handled. For complete assistance with the setup, contact your SAP system administrator.


  1. Log in to the SAP system.
  2. Create a test IDoc.
    1. Set start transaction for WE19.
      1. Right-click on the menu area.
      2. Click Set Start transaction.
      3. Enter the transaction code in the pop-up and click the tick mark.
    2. Enter an IDoc type in Basic Type.
      Test tool for processing
      This provides you with a structure to edit:
      Structure to edit
  3. Double-click EDIDC and E1IBAN_CREATE to edit the control record fields:
    Edit control record fields
  4. Click Standard Outbound Processing to send the message.
    Standard outbound processing
  5. To receive the IDoc in HCL OneTest API, run a test that is configured to subscribe to SAP:
    Run a test
  6. Click the Subscribe line to display the message differences window:
    Message differences window
  7. Set start transaction for WE05 and view the processed IDocs and troubleshoot issues, if any.