Verifying the HCL OneTest API Agent

Before you can execute HCL OneTest™ API resources from IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, the HCL OneTest API Agent must be configured, running and available as an adapter in Rational Quality Manager.

About this task

To verify the available adapters, do the following steps:


  1. Open the Rational Quality Manager console and select Adapter Console from the Execution menu. All registered adapters are listed.
    Adapter Console

    If the HCL OneTest API Agent is not listed, then it is not successfully registered with the server. In this case:

  2. Ensure that Agent.conf is modified properly and then launch the Agent to register it (see Configuring the HCL OneTest API Agent).

    If the Agent is listed but unavailable, then it is successfully registered but is probably not running. In this case:

  3. Launch the agent, then wait for it to connect to Rational Quality Manager. Then, refresh the list of available adapters.

    Once the Agent is listed as "Available" in the adapter Console, you are ready to run HCL OneTest API resources from Rational Quality Manager.

    Adapter Console