Deploying virtual services by using HCL OneTest Virtualization

When Rational® Quality Manager is integrated with HCL OneTest™ Virtualization, you can deploy virtual services by using HCL Quality Server while running tests.

Before you begin

Integrate HCL OneTest Virtualization with Rational Quality Manager as described in Integrating HCL OneTest Virtualization with Rational Quality Manager.
Important: When you integrate HCL OneTest Virtualization with Rational Quality Manager (that uses HTTPS communication) for deploying virtual services, ensure that HCL Quality Server also uses HTTPS. For more information, see the procedures described in Configuring HCL Quality Server.

About this task

Run stubs or scenarios as a virtual service:


  1. In Rational Quality Manager, on the artifact list, find the test case execution records or test suite execution records that you want to run.
  2. Select the execution record.
  3. Open Run Test menu and click Run with Options.
  4. Click the edit icon next to the Deployment Plan field. The deployment plan selection dialog box shows the stubs and scenarios that are available from HCL Quality Server.
  5. Click Environment to select an environment in which to run the virtual service. There is also an option to choose whether to run a scenario or a stub as a virtual service. Create a scenario containing the configuration to use for the test in advance. Click OK.
  6. Optional: In the Run with Options dialog, select Remember selected deployment plan for future run. Doing so helps you repeat the tests any number of times based on the same deployment configuration.
  7. Click OK. This Deployment dialog box is displayed.
  8. Select whether to use an existing deployment or a new deployment.
  9. Click OK, Start scenario, or Start stub based on your action in the previous step. The execution view for executing the Rational Quality Manager test or suite that you selected is displayed. In this view, you will see a link to the virtual service that you are using.
    1. Move the cursor over the link to view the status of the stub or scenario.
    2. Wait for the status to change to "Running" before you start using the service.
  10. After the test is completed, stop the virtual service by clicking Stop in the hover window. If a stub has multiple instances, you must stop each one of them individually; stopping all the instances at once is only possible on HCL Quality Server.


Virtual services from HCL Quality Server are available for use by the automated or manual tests that are run from Rational Quality Manager and that can benefit from HCL OneTest Virtualization. For more information on HCL OneTest Virtualization and how to configure the system under test to use virtual services, see Virtualizing HTTP.