Exporting resources from HCL OneTest API

After integrating HCL OneTest™ API with IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, you can export tests and test suites from HCL OneTest API into Rational Quality Manager. Exported tests and test suites are presented as test cases and test scripts in Rational Quality Manager.

About this task

To export resources from HCL OneTest API:


  1. Launch HCL OneTest API and open the project that contains the tests or test suites you want to export.
  2. Open the Test Factory perspective (F10).
  3. Right-click the wanted test or test suite and select Export from the menu.

    The Quality Management dialog is displayed.

    Quality Management dialog

    The default Rational Quality Manager integration is selected under Integration.

  4. If more than one integration are configured in HCL OneTest API, select the wanted integration from the Integration field.
  5. To manage the integrations in the HCL OneTest API Project Settings dialog, click Manage next to the field.
  6. In the Environments pane, place a check mark next to the environments to use for the selected test or test suite. By default, the current environment of the asset is selected.
  7. To manage environments in HCL OneTest API, click Manage next to the pane.
    Note: If you export multiple environments, HCL OneTest API creates multiple test scripts (one per environment), but only one test case per test or test suite. The exported test case contains all of the exported test scripts.
  8. When the integration and environment options are correct, click Export.

    The progress is displayed in the Test Export dialog.

    Test Export dialog box
  9. Once finished, select View Test Cases or View Test Scripts from the Construction module in the Rational Quality Manager console.
  10. The exported tests or test suites are displayed.
    Test Cases list
    View test cases