Subscribing to RabbitMQ messages

Subscribing to RabbitMQ messages requires only the name of the queue from which messages are reviewed or retrieved. More filtering options, however, are available if required.


  1. Configure the Consumer Settings section for the following fields in the Subscribe window.
    image of the screen to set subscriber settings
  2. Enter the queue name in the Queue Name field.
  3. If needed, enter other settings for messages under the Consumer Settings section. If no settings are required, these fields can be left blank.
  4. Enter a message (for example, %%RND%%) in the text (String) field.
  5. Enter a timeout value, if required, to set the number of milliseconds after which the subscriber stops waiting for the message.

    The default value of 0, indicates that the subscriber will wait indefinitely.

  6. Click OK to close the message editor.