Setting up HP Quality Center 11.x and 12.0 client

Setting up HP ALM server for auto deployment of files to the clients is a simple way to enable functionality for any client that is accessing the server. In some organizations, however, auto deployment is not a feasible scenario (for example, if security policies prohibit clients from having local admin privileges). In such cases, clients that require the integrated functionality can have the plug-in files deployed manually. In this way, the plug-in files can be targeted to only the clients that require them, rather than all HP Quality Center users.

About this task

To deploy the required files to a HP Quality Center client:


  1. Deploy the HCL OneTest™ API installation file GH-Tester.ini to the HP ALM server.
    1. Extract the (for HP Quality Center 11.5 and 12.0) to a temporary location.
    2. Copy the GH-Tester.ini from the GHTesterQCIntegration\CustomTestTypes to the ALM Deployment Directory\application\20qcbin.war\CustomTestTypes
    Note: For detailed information, see Setting up the HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.x server. Do not copy any other files other than the GH-Tester.ini file.
  2. Log in to the HP Quality Center using a browser and verify that you have all the required files in the client workstation.
  3. Log out from the HP Quality Center and locate the HP ALM-Client folder. By default, the location is C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\HP\ALM-Client\server_name , where the user_name is your operating system user name and the server_name is the name of the HP Quality Center server to which the client is connected to.
  4. Extract the contents of to the ALM-Client folder.
  5. Open the command prompt, change the directory to ALM-Client and run the script ITIntegrationSetup.cmd. Each of the required components are registered in the client workstation. For more information, see the readme file that is provided with the