Installing the Connectivity Tool and performing HP ALM Client Registration on 12.2 and 12.5 clients

After you deploy the HCL OneTest™ API files to HP Quality Center, you must install the Connectivity Tool and perform the HP ALM Client Registration on the clients to create and run HCL OneTest API tests from HP Quality Center.

About this task

Using an account with administrator privileges, complete the following steps on each client workstation that accesses the HP ALM server before you run HCL OneTest API integration tests from within Quality Center. This procedure needs only to be performed once.

To install the Connectivity Tool on the client workstation:


  1. Log in to HP Quality Center. If you are using HP Quality Center 12.x, in a browser window, open the page http://host:port/qcbin/ to log in.
  2. Click Tools on the Application Lifecycle Management page.
  3. Click HP ALM Connectivity on the Application Lifecycle Management - Tools page. The HP ALM Connectivity Tools page is displayed.
  4. Click Download HP ALM Connectivity.
  5. Follow the instructions that are provided to install the Connectivity Tool. If a dialog box indicates that the tool was not installed correctly, click Yes to indicate that it did install correctly.
  6. Go back to the Application Lifecycle Management - Tools page and click the HP ALM Client Registration link. The HP ALM Client Registration page is displayed.
  7. Click the Register HP ALM link near the end of the page and follow the instructions. This link downloads all of the HP ALM and HCL OneTest API components and registers them.
  8. Start the HP ALM Quality Center client. The HCL OneTest API integration is complete.