Setting up the HP Application Lifecycle Management 12.0 server

To enable the integration with HP Quality Center 12.0, you must deploy the HCL OneTest™ API additional files to the ALM 12.0 Server.

Before you begin

  • Log in as an administrator on the Application Lifecycle Management server to update the files.
Note: Before you migrate the projects that contain HCL OneTest API integration tests from one version of Quality Center to another, you must set up the ALM server to enable the integration with HCL OneTest API.

About this task

The HCL OneTest API plug-in files must be added to the ALM application archive file, qcbin.war, that is by default available in the C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\webapps.


  1. Shut down the HP Application Lifecycle Management Server.
  2. Locate the HCL OneTest API install files and extract it to a temporary location on the server.

    For setting up HP ALM 12.0 server, extract the file.

  3. Locate the qcbin.war file in the ALM Deployment Directory/webapps.

    On Windows 2003 Server, the default location is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HP\ALM. On Windows 2008 Server, the default location is C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\webapps.

  4. If they do not exist, create the following folders in qcbin.war.
    • CustomTestTypes
    • Extensions
  5. Copy the following files from the HCL OneTest API installation files to the qcbin.war file.
    Table 1. File location and destination for deployment
    Source Destination
    • GHTesterQCIntegration\CustomTestTypes\GH-Tester.ini
    • GHTesterQCIntegration\Extensions\*
    • GHTesterQCIntegration\HP\ALM\repository\sa\DomsInfo\Metadata\TEST\GH-Tester.xml
    • ALM Deployment Directory\webapps\qcbin.war\CustomTestTypes
    • ALM Deployment Directory\webapps\qcbin.war\Extensions
    • C:\Program Files\HP\HP Application Lifecycle Management Platform\data\sa\DomsInfo\Metadata\TEST
    Note: The GH-Tester.xml file is required for HCL OneTest API tests to have version control support in HP Quality Center. The above destination example is when HP ALM server is installed in C:\Program Files. The GH-Tester.xml file cannot be copied into the deployment folder, for example, C:\ProgramData because the file is deleted by HP Quality Center during redeployment. When placed in the installation folder, the GH-Tester.xml file is propagated to the deployment folder automatically by the HP ALM server.
  6. Stop the Application Lifecycle Management server and then start the server.
  7. After ALM is started, log in to Site Administrator as a user with administrator privileges.
  8. On the Tools menu, click Update Test Types and click Yes to confirm (the update can take several minutes).