Adding .NET object schemas

You can add a .NET assembly (either .exe or .dll files) to the Schema Library in the Architecture School perspective of HCL OneTest™ API.

About this task


  1. In the Schema Library view of the Architecture School perspective, click the arrow next to the Add button, then click Objects > .NET Object.
  2. In the New .NET Object dialog box, click Change to select the .NET assembly that you want to add.
  3. In the Select Location dialog box, click Browse to locate and select a local file, or click the URL tab to enter the URL of a remote file.
    Select Location dialog box
  4. Click OK when finished, and click OK in the New .NET Object dialog box.


The contents of the .exe or .dll file are now available to be applied to messages as a schema. The objects and classes of the file can be viewed in the Schema Library.