Managing attributes in the CentraSite registry

After connecting to a CentraSite server, you must publish the HCL OneTest™ API attributes to the server.

About this task

Once you create and successfully connected to a CentraSite server in the Physical View of the Architecture School, you must publish the HCL OneTest API attributes to the server (that is, define the attributes to update on services that are tested by HCL OneTest API, viewable under the GH Tester tab for each service). If you are no longer using a specified CentraSite server with HCL OneTest API, you can also remove the registry attributes from the server.

To publish or remove the registry attributes:


  1. Open the CentraSite Server in the Physical View of Architecture School and select the Management tab.
  2. Click Publish Attributes to publish HCL OneTest API attributes to the registry. If all available attributes are already published, you are notified. If any available attributes remain unpublished, however, the Add Attributes to Types dialog is displayed.
  3. Select one or more available (that is, unpublished) attributes to publish, then click OK.
  4. To remove any attributes, click Remove Attributes. If there are no attributes to remove, you are notified. If any attributes are published, however, the Remove Attributes from Types dialog is displayed.
  5. Select one or more previously published attributes to remove, then click OK.
    Note: For CentraSite 8.0, only Service type attributes are available. For CentraSite 8.2, all available types are displayed.
    Note: If you run a certification suite (see Certification test suites for CentraSite) that contains unpublished attributes, those attributes are published automatically.

    The attributes can be seen when you are viewing any of the registered services on the CentraSite server. Select one of the services from the Asset catalog and click the GH Tester tab, which is the last tab on the left.

    The attributes include the following information:

    Attribute Value
    Last Test Run Successful Indicates whether the most recent run of the certification test suite for the service was successful.
    Simulations Lists any stubs that might be needed by other users to test the same service in their own environment.
    Last -Test-Run The date and time when the service’s certification test suite was last executed.
    Test-Results The HCL OneTest API Results Server URL where the execution results for the certification test suite can be viewed.
    Certification-Test-ID The internal HCL OneTest API ID for the service’s certification test suite.