Defining the CentraSite server

Before you can access a CentraSite server from HCL OneTest™ API, you must define the server.

About this task

Configure the appropriate connection parameters in the Physical View of HCL OneTest API’s Architecture School.

To define the CentraSite Server:


  1. In HCL OneTest API, open the Architecture School perspective (F7) and select the Physical View.
  2. Click the Software AG menu and select the CentraSite Server option.

    A new server is created under "Unconnected Resources."

  3. Double-click the new server to view and configure its properties.
  4. Under the Config tab, enter the version, host, port, and user name/password combo of the CentraSite server to which you want to connect.
    Note: The user name and password must be the same as the user name and password that are used to log in to the CentraSite Control page (web-based admin portal).
  5. Click Test Connection to ensure that the configuration is valid, and click OK when finished.