Adding action templates

The first step in defining the HCL OneTest™ API policy is to create each of the action templates (that is, the "rules" that enforce the policy).

Before you begin

Download and extract the action template package that is provided with HCL Quality Server into a temporary location. For information, see HCL OneTest API tool packages

About this task

To add the action templates:


  1. Log in to CentraSite with the appropriate permissions.
  2. Navigate to Policies > Action Templates.
  3. If there is no category that is called HCL, create one by clicking Add Action Category and name the new category HCL. Select Design/Change-Time.
  4. Click the Add Action Template button.
  5. Choose HCL as the category and enter the name as "Test Successful."
  6. Select Java as the implementation.
  7. Click Browse to locate the ActionTemplates folder that you downloaded and extracted from HCL Quality Server.
  8. Select
  9. Locate the Service for Object Type option and enable it (put a check next to it).
  10. Choose Pre-State Change as the Event type.
    Note: If you added the Test Run Age template, see Running the Test Run Age template before saving.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Repeat the steps for the other two templates .zip file in the tools directory (changing the name and file where appropriate).