Managing HCL OneTest API test execution parameters in Rational Quality Manager

When you are running HCL OneTest™ API tests from an IBM® Rational® Quality Manager server, you can send input parameters to, and receive output parameters from the agent computers that are running the tests. You can also chain together multiple HCL OneTest API tests in Rational Quality Manager so that the output of one test can be input into another test.

About this task

The benefit to chaining tests is to pass information from one test to another. For example, you could have one test create a new user, and then pass the new (dynamic) user ID to another test, which would test deleting that user. To chain together multiple tests in Rational Quality Manager, you create a test suite that contains the test cases, configure the suite to run tests sequentially, and then enable the option Pass execution variables between scripts. The name of the execution variable is important; it must be identical in all the tests that use it for chaining.

Note: You must set up the integration between HCL OneTest API and Rational Quality Manager as described in HCL OneTest API and Rational Quality Manager.

To use input and output parameters in test execution, you perform the following high-level tasks.


  1. Create tests in HCL OneTest API.
  2. Expose HCL OneTest API test tags as input and output.
  3. Publish the tests to an Rational Quality Manager server.
  4. Run the tests on an agent computer that is registered with the Rational Quality Manager server. The topics that follow provide an example of how to set up and use input and output parameters.