Exporting an HCL OneTest API test to Rational Quality Manager

You can export to an HCL OneTest™ API test to IBM® Rational® Quality Manager. After the test is exported, it displays as a test script in a test case.

About this task

To export a test, do the following steps:


  1. In HCL OneTest API, in Test Factory, right-click a test, and then click Export. The Export Test window opens.
  2. Select the Rational Quality Manager integration and click OK. Rational Quality Manager opens, and your test displays as a test script.
  3. Configure and start an agent computer. For information, see Configuring the HCL OneTest API Agent.
  4. In Rational Quality Manager, open the test in the test case and run the test case.
  5. In the Run Test Case window, select Modify Execution Variable Value. The test displays under Test Script. Notice that the input tag information that you defined in HCL OneTest API displays.
  6. Run the test. In the test results, notice that the output tag that you defined in HCL OneTest API displays in Execution Variables.