Recording by using Record-the-transport mode

To use this recording approach, you must either select the queue manager in Architecture School’s Logical View and choose Add event monitor (from top or menu) or add an event monitor in Recording Studio and choose the MQ transport.
When you use this approach, the "Record" setting on the Recording tab of the physical item is ignored by HCL OneTest™ API and the "Record-The-Transport" approach is used instead.
Note: This recording approach is available only if IBM® WebSphere® MQ 7.1 and later is installed and configured in Library Manager.

This approach requires that you use HCL OneTest API’s API exit, which enables HCL OneTest API to receive copies of messages posted to large number (possibly all) queues hosted on a queue manager at once. (For general information about WebSphere MQ API Exits, refer to WebSphere MQ.) To record shared queues in a z/OS queue sharing group, recording the transport results in only messages from a single queue manager being captured. To record shared queues, use mirror queue recording.

using HCL OneTest API API exit

For information about deploying the API exit, refer to Installing and configuring HCL OneTest API API exits.