Web services nodes

When synchronizing with an IBM® Integration Bus (formerly WebSphere® Message Broker), HTTP-based supported web services nodes are analyzed and mapped to HCL OneTest™ API operations.
The following IBM Integration Bus nodes for web services are supported by HCL OneTest API:
  • SOAPInput
  • SOAPRequest
  • SOAPAsyncRequest
HCL OneTest API analyzes and maps supported web services nodes as follows:
  1. SOAPInput nodes that are configured to use SOAP/HTTP(S) will be mapped to operations in the same way as HTTPInput nodes:
    • If a SOAPInput node allows WSDL documents to be published by the broker, the WSDL will be mapped to a service component and schema source in your HCL OneTest API project.
    • Operations defined in the WSDL will be contained in the WSDL service component.
  2. SOAPRequest and SOAPAsyncRequest nodes that are configured to use SOAP/HTTP will be handled in the same way as HTTPRequest nodes.