Working with the service components

Synchronizing with an IBM® Integration Bus populates the logical integration node asset with service components and other artifacts.
During synchronization, HCL OneTest™ API queries the IBM Integration Bus integration node and retrieves details about applications and message flows deployed to the integration node, and several views of the Architecture School perspective of HCL OneTest API are populated as follows:
  • Logical View is populated with service components that represent the applications and message flows. Within these service components, operations are created to reflect the capabilities of the message flow. For example, a message flow that includes a WebSphere® MQ Input node and a WebSphere MQ Reply node would be mapped to a request-reply operation bound to a WebSphere MQ transport. The synchronization includes support for WebSphere MQ, HTTP, and HTTP-based web service nodes.
  • Physical View is populated with physical configurations for the logical transports that were created in Logical View.
  • Schema Library is populated with WSDL schemas provided by HTTP-based web services nodes within the message flows.

If the applications and message flows use nodes that are not currently supported by synchronization but HCL OneTest API is capable of testing or virtualizing the associated transport, you should create additional service components and operations to model them.