IBM Integration Bus integration node synchronization

By creating an IBM® Integration Bus (formerly WebSphere® Message Broker) integration node in the Logical View of the Architecture School perspective of HCL OneTest™ API, you can set up the integration node as a synchronization source.

When an integration node is bound to an IBM WebSphere MQ queue manager, it can act as a synchronization source. An integration node is also the container for many of the resources created during synchronization, for example, operations based on the message flows of the selected IBM Integration Bus integration servers.

In IBM Integration Bus, an integration server is a named group of message flows that has been assigned to an integration node. HCL OneTest API uses integration servers to provide a level of filtering during synchronization. This can be useful when an IBM Integration Bus is a shared resource used by several teams with each team having its own integration server.

Note: HCL OneTest API does not support synchronization of IBM Integration Bus integration node using HTTPS.