HTTP nodes

When synchronizing with an IBM® Integration Bus (formerly WebSphere® Message Broker), supported HTTP nodes are analyzed and mapped to HCL OneTest™ API operations.
The following IBM Integration Bus nodes for HTTP are supported by HCL OneTest API:
  • HTTPAsyncRequest
  • HTTPInput
  • HTTPRequest
HCL OneTest API analyzes and maps supported HTTP nodes as follows:
  1. HTTPInput nodes are mapped to a request-reply operation provided by the flow. The HTTP method is assumed to be POST.
  2. HTTPRequest nodes and HTTPAsyncRequest nodes are mapped to request/reply operations consumed by the flow, with the service URL taken from web service URL property of the node. The HTTP method (POST, GET, and so on) is taken from the node properties.
  3. HTTPS services are imported in the same way as HTTP services but with a separate logical/physical transport pair. The physical transport will be SSL-enabled. Synchronization displays a message advising you to configure the appropriate key and trust stores on the physical resource.