Publishing IDocs

In HCL OneTest™ API, the Publish messaging action is used to publish IDocs to an SAP system.
HCL OneTest API and HCL OneTest Virtualization require a permanent connection to the IDoc metadata, that is, a live connection to the SAP system hosting that schema, whenever an IDoc is sent or received. To publish an IDoc, create a test in the Test Factory perspective, add a Publish messaging action to the test, and configure the Publish action.
Note: With a version of HCL OneTest API earlier than 8.6.0, you can publish only single IDocs. With HCL OneTest API 8.6.0 or later, you can publish both single and packaged IDocs; however, full support for packaged IDocs is available only for versions of SAP PI earlier than 7.31.
  1. Create a Publish action in HCL OneTest API with the sender partner number and port that you configured in the control record of an IDoc as explained in Configuring an SAP system to send and receive IDocs. For details on creating Publish actions, see Message actions.

    The following screen shot shows an example:

    Send IDoc to ECC

  2. Choose an IDoc and send it to SAP ECC.


In some cases, you might observe that the IDoc submission is accepted by the SAP ECC instance, but it results in an error. The error might occur even while pushing IDocs into an ECC instance.

The following screen shot shows an example of the error:
IDoc submission
In this example, the partner profile is not defined correctly, that is, the LOCAL logical system from which the IDoc is being sent is not configured to support the MATMAS inbound document type. To resolve the issue, do the following procedure.
  1. Start Transaction WE20.
  2. In the Partner profile, specify that MATMAS is a supported inbound type.

    IDoc inbound parameters
    If you see no rows in the inbound parameters section, add one for the type of the document (which is MATMAS in this example) that you want to send.