HCL OneTest Virtualization and Rational Quality Manager

You can implement HCL OneTest™ Virtualization in Rational® Quality Manager integrated with HCL OneTest Virtualization by using HCL Quality Server.

You can use HCL OneTest Virtualization to deploy virtual services while running tests in Quality Management. HCL Quality Server is the interface between HCL OneTest Virtualization and the HCL Quality Server for the virtualization of services.

You can also use HCL OneTest API to run integration tests from Quality Management. For more information about how this integration works, see HCL OneTest API and Rational Quality Manager. You can either use the HCL OneTest API - Quality Management integration for testing, or the Quality Management - HCL OneTest Virtualization integration for HCL OneTest Virtualization, or both integrations together. The HCL OneTest API- Quality Management integration for testing and the HCL OneTest Virtualization integration are independent of each other.