Working with HCL OneTest API resources in Rational Quality Manager

Once the HCL OneTest™ API-IBM® Rational® Quality Manager integration is complete, you can export tests and test suites from HCL OneTest API into Rational Quality Manager. Exported tests and test suites are created as test cases and test scripts in Rational Quality Manager.
Before you can use the links in the test output in Rational Quality Manager, you must publish the details of your results database connection from the HCL OneTest API project that contains the test case to HCL Quality Server. Do this task by clicking Publish results database connection in the Project Settings dialog. For more information, see Project settings. Publishing the results database connection is mandatory for every project on the following occasions:
  • After you configure the results database, but before you attempt to view results in HCL Quality Server. For more information about configuring the results database, see Configuring the project results database.
  • After updating the results database settings.
If you do not publish the details, the link (in the test output displayed in Rational Quality Manager) to the Results Gallery in HCL Quality Server will not work.

Navigating Rational Quality Manager

HCL OneTest API resources can be viewed in the Construction menu of the Rational Quality Manager console, as Test Cases and Test Scripts.

Construction menu of Rational Quality Manager

Database connection

The HCL OneTest API Agent, once running, can be seen as an Rational Quality Manager Adapter by selecting Adapter Console from the Execution module.

Adapter console menu