Running tests and test sets on remote hosts or host groups

You can run test instances in a test set on remote hosts.

You can add hosts to host groups for failover purposes. When a host group is used, HP Quality Center tries each host in the group until it finds one that runs the test. Hosts and host groups are created in the Test Lab module by selecting Host Manager from the Test Sets menu. Hosts and host groups are specified in the test set by choosing a host from the list in the Planned Host Name column for test instances in the Execution Grid tab. For more information about running tests on remote hosts, see HP Quality Center User’s Guide.


Following are the requirements for running HCL OneTest™ API tests on remote hosts:
  • The remote machine must have a licensed copy of HCL OneTest API installed.
  • The HCL OneTest API project that is linked to the test created in Quality Center must be located in the same path on the remote host. For example, if the project is at C:\projects\myproject on the local machine, then the project must be found on the remote host at C:\projects\myproject.
  • Microsoft Windows DCOM must be configured properly on both the local and remote machines. If DCOM is not configured properly, the following errors are displayed: Access is denied or RPC server is unavailable.
  • The network user who runs the tests from Quality Center must have privileges to run processes on the remote host with DCOM.