Installation files for HP Quality Center

To enable the integration of HCL OneTest™ API and Quality Center, it is necessary to modify the list of existing test types and deploy more files to the Quality Center server for some versions.
The following table lists the files that must be deployed to the HP Quality Center.
File Name Short Name Description ProgID
GHExecConfig.xco GHExecConfig.ocx HCL OneTest API Envs GHTester_ExecConfig.GHT_ExecConfig
GHResultViewer.xco GHResultViewer.ocx HCL OneTest API Results GHTester_ResultViewer.GHT_ResultViewer GHRunAgent.exe HCL OneTest API Run Agent GHTester.RunAgent
GHScriptViewer.xco GHScriptViewer.ocx HCL OneTest API Scripts GHTester_ScriptViewer.GHT_ScriptViewer
GHTestType.lld GHTestType.dll HCL OneTest API TestType GHTester.TestType
mscomctl.xco mscomctl.ocx MS Common Control  
RICHTX32.xco RICHTX32.ocx MS Richtext Control RICHTEXT.RichtextCtrl.1
unzip32.lld unzip32.dll Extract DLL for Win32  
Note: These files and examples of the .ini files that require to be edited for some versions are available in, which is located in <HCL OneTest API Installation Directory>\tools\HP.

The contents of the .zip file are to be extracted to a new directory on the Quality Center server. The files are used by the detailed procedures in other areas.