Certification test suites for CentraSite

The main goal of using a service registry/repository like CentraSite is to provide users with the ability to use and reuse services that are certified.

In HCL OneTest™ API, users can create a battery of tests, stubs, and test suites that can validate these services at any time.

For this purpose, a certification test suite can be designated in HCL OneTest API. Which is the master suite – containing all other tests and test suites – that can be executed to validate the selected service.

Once a test suite is used to certify one of the services that are registered on the CentraSite server, users can quickly see if the service is valid for use by looking under the GH Tester tab for the service (see Managing attributes in the CentraSite registry for an example).

Note: Only one certification test suite can be designated for each registered service, but a single suite can publish to multiple services.

A test suite can be designated as a certification suite by using the results publisher settings, described in Configuring publishing options for a suite. In the results publisher settings, simply enable or disable the Is Certification Suite as wanted.

CentraSite settings
Note: If another test suite is already designated as the certification suite for the asset that is configured in the selected publisher, a confirmation dialog is presented where you can cancel the action or replace the existing certification suite.

Once a certification suite is marked and the test suite is saved, it is designated as such in HCL OneTest API, as follows: