API Developer Portal synchronization

You can synchronize with WSDL documents or Swagger documents in an IBM API Connect™ Developer Portal or IBM® API Management Developer Portal.
Note: For WSDL document synchronization, only SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 bindings are supported. Any schema definitions that are not referenced by an operation that uses at least one of these bindings is ignored.

IBM API Connect is an integrated offering, where all of the steps in the API lifecycle, and the actions that surround it, are performed within the offering. IBM API Management is a system for creating, managing, and monitoring APIs.

Using an IBM Developer Portal with HCL OneTest™ API enables you to import WSDL documents or Swagger documents from a central repository into your HCL OneTest API projects. After you import the documents, you can create large quantities of tests and other assets in your projects quickly and easily.
Note: HCL OneTest API can import only WSDL documents or Swagger documents from an IBM API Developer Portal into a project. Other schema types supported by HCL OneTest API cannot be imported.