Editing libraries

Based on the provider that you are using, you might want to edit a library to change its location or specify a new library.

About this task

If necessary, you can edit a single library that is required by a specific provider. For default providers, you can change the location of a single library. For custom providers, you can specify a new library altogether, or a new location for an existing library.

To edit a library, follow these steps:


  1. On the left side of the Library Manager application window, select the relevant provider-type.
  2. Select the relevant provider (custom or default) from the list of available providers.
  3. Under Settings, double-click the library that is to be edited.

    Alternatively, select the file and click Edit. The Select dialog box is displayed.

  4. Using the Select dialog box, browse for the relevant library.
    Note: If the library file location is on a mapped network drive, you might get errors while running tests in a project. To prevent this, ensure that the files are available on a local drive that can be accessed by HCL OneTest™ API and its Agent.
  5. When you find the relevant library, highlight it and click Select.

    On the Library Manager application window, the new library and location are displayed for the selected file.