Copying libraries

If you are using a custom provider, to save you time, you might want to copy existing libraries instead of creating new libraries.

About this task

You can copy libraries of custom providers but not default providers. Being able to copy libraries is useful if you have a number of libraries for a custom provider within the same file path because you can copy an existing entry (that is, one that is already pointing to the wanted path) rather than create several new libraries.

To copy a library, follow these steps:


  1. On the left side of the Library Manager application window, select the relevant provider-type.
  2. Select the relevant custom provider from the list of available providers.
  3. On the lower-right side of the Library Manager application window, select the library that is to be copied and click Copy.

    A duplicate entry is displayed under Settings.

  4. Double-click the new library to edit it.

    Alternatively, select the file and click Edit.

    The Select dialog box is displayed.

  5. Using the Select dialog box, browse for the relevant library.
  6. When you find the relevant library, highlight it and click Select.

    On the Library Manager application window, the new library and location are displayed for the selected file.