Applying a HCL OneTest API configuration file

After the configuration file is generated and the library is copied to the target computer in the specified locations, you can apply the configuration.

Before you begin

HCL OneTest™ API must be installed on the target computer before the configuration can be applied.


  1. To apply the configuration file, copy it to the target computer, open a command prompt or terminal on the target computer, and enter a command of the following format:

    LibConfig -processLibSettings <Full path to configuration file>

    For example:
    LibConfig -processLibSettings /opt/ghconfig/libsettings.xml

    The configuration that is specified in the XML file is applied to the HCL OneTest API installation on the current computer. The updated librarysettings.xml file is copied to the user profile .integrationtester folder.

  2. Copy this file to the installation folder and remove old copies of librarysettings.xml from all user profile .integrationtester folders. This ensures that all users will use the new configuration.
  3. If you want to verify that the configuration is applied, open the libsettings.xml file using any text editor and check for your updates. The file is available in the HCL OneTest API installation or its Agent installation directory.