Domains and environments

You can use domains to group and manage test assets. Within a domain, you can have one or more environments, which can use to group test variables and test tags.

A domain represents a logical grouping of related systems that are part of a real business project. It is the basic unit of management within HCL OneTest™ Virtualization. It is usual for a service or other endpoint to be included in more than one domain because it is reused by different business projects in different contexts. Thus, a domain is used as a means to group and manage assets in the server. For example, unique business groups within an organization might want to manage stubs independently from each other.

A domain can contain one or more environments. An environment enables users to define groups of variables or tags that can be used in both tests and in transport definitions.

Typically, environments are used to create configurations for different parts of a software product development workflow, such as development, quality assurance, and user acceptance testing. Each project might define a domain, for example, billing domain or customer management domain.

Environments are not created directly within HCL Quality Server. Instead, they are created automatically when stubs are published from HCL OneTest API because stubs are published into an environment within a domain. Ensure that you define each environment in HCL OneTest API correctly. This environment name is published to HCL Quality Server and is used by all the users that are publishing to that domain.