Installing the software silently

Use silent installations to deploy software to multiple systems, or to an enterprise. In silent mode, you use the command line for installation. A response file supplies the required input to the installation process.

Before you begin

  1. You must have IBM® Installation Manager installed. For information about installing Installation Manager, see Installing Installation Manager in the Installation Manager Knowledge Center.
  2. Create a response file by using either of the following options:
    • Record a response file by using Installation Manager. For more information, see Recording a response file in the Installation Manager Knowledge Center.
    • Create a response file manually. For information about creating response files, see Creating a response file manually in the Installation Manager Knowledge Center.


  1. From the command line, go to the Installation Manager tools directory.
    • On Windows: C:\Program Files [(x86)]\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\tools
    • On Linux: /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools
  2. Run the command:
    • On Windows: imcl.exe input response_file -log log_file -acceptLicense
    • On Linux: ./imcl input response_file -log log_file -acceptLicense
    Example commands:
    • On Windows: imcl.exe input C:\response_files\install.xml -log C:\my_log\install_log.xml -acceptLicense
    • On Linux: ./imcl input /response_files/install.xml -log /mylog/install_log.xml -acceptLicense


When the installation is complete, a status of 0 is returned. If the installation cannot be completed, a non-zero number is returned.