Shortcuts for HCL OneTest API

You can use keyboard shortcuts and common actions to quickly navigate HCL OneTest™ API.

Throughout most of HCL OneTest API, the following general actions can be performed on test artifacts by using the main toolbar, keyboard shortcuts, or context (right-click) menu.

Command Icon Keystroke Action Taken
  Expand the selected branch in the current tree.
  Collapse the selected branch in the current tree.
File > Open
Ctrl + O, Enter, double-click Open the selected artifact for editing.
File > Save
Ctrl + S Saves the test artifact that is selected in the current view.
File > Save All
Ctrl + Shift + S Saves all test artifacts in the current view.
File > Send > Email
  Select project resources, package them into a .zip archive, and send to a selected email address.
File > Close Project
  Closes the current project and returns to the Welcome dialog.
Edit > Cut
Ctrl + X Cut the selected item to the clipboard.
Edit > Copy
Ctrl + C Copy the selected item to the clipboard.
Edit > Paste
Ctrl + V Paste the contents of the clipboard (previously cut or copied items) into the current location.
Edit > Delete
Delete Delete the currently selected artifact.
Edit > Find
Ctrl + F Opens a search field (as in most Internet browsers) to enter a string of text to find in the current view.
Edit > Find Files
Rename   F2 Rename the currently selected artifact.
Window > Close Editor   Ctrl + W Closes the active editor (in Test Factory).
Window > Close All Editors   Ctrl + Shift + W Closes all open editors (in Test Factory).
Note: If a menu item or icon is unavailable, then the associated action is not permitted (for example, save unchanged item, rename multiple artifacts).