Running HCL OneTest API Agent on Unix-like systems

On Unix-like systems, you can launch the HCL OneTest API Agent by running the Agent executable in the root of the HCL OneTest API Agent installation directory (for example, /opt/HCL/HCLProducts/Agent/).

Before you begin

  • You must have read and understood Setting up licensing for the HCL OneTest API Agent.
  • You must have the necessary permissions to write to the various files and folders in the installation directory.


  1. Edit the configurations for server start-up and shut-down scripts. You can work with your system administrator if required to edit the scripts.
    Note: A sample Agent start-up script is available in the directory, <HCL OneTest™ API installed location>\examples\ExampleInitScripts that you can include into the system start-up script to ensure that the Agent is always launched when the server starts. The temporary files are stored in /var/tmp folder if the installation folder was not specified at the time of installing.
  2. Optional: If required, you can modify the Agent executable to specify a different port by using the -p <port> argument or override the location of the config file.
    Note: The Agent executable runs the agent by using the default port (4476) and points to the default Agent configuration file (config/Agent.config).

    For example, change the port in the configuration file by using the following command:

    ./Agent -p 4492 -c ./config/Agent.config