Interface CertificateCreator

The Interface CertificateCreator is used as an interface to be implemented by external certificate generation classes when you have custom certificates to be generated and signed by the client. Such classes will be accessed by the Java™ service loader mechanism.

Method Summary

Modifier and Type Method and Description[]

createCertificate( pkcs10CertificationRequest)

Create a certificate chain based on a certificate request.


init( registrationXmlLocation)

Initialize the creator.

Method Detail


void init( registrationXmlLocation) throws a error.

registrationXmlLocation is the URL that references the registration.xml file in use by the proxy.
Throws: error is displayed if the creator cannot be initialized.

createCertificate[] createCertificate( pkcs10CertificationRequest) throws a error.

Create a certificate chain based on a certificate request.

pkcs10CertificationRequest - to be used for a DER encoded PKCS10 certificate request.
The full certificate chain for the created certificate in order from the created certificate to the root CA certificate.
Throws: - Error thrown if there are any errors creating the certificate chain.