Before creating IMS Connect transports

On your Windows or LINUX system, you must configure JAR files to support transports for IBM® Information Management System Connect.

The JAR files are in the installation directories of the installed products.

HCL OneTest™ API uses a decoupled, plug-in architecture to provide maximum flexibility for the messaging transport software in use by a system under test. A messaging transport provides the information that HCL OneTest™ API needs to communicate with applications on system Z.

The program code for each transport is contained in one or more JAR files (libraries), which are stored in HCL OneTest™ API plug-ins directory. Any libraries upon which these plug-ins depend must be accessible to HCL OneTest™ API.

Library Manager is used to configure these third-party libraries. For information about using Library Manager, refer to Working with the Library Manager.

IMS connect

You must configure the JAR file, ImsESConnectApiJavaV2R1.jar, in Library Manager. This JAR file is in the IBM IMS™ installation folder, in the IMS Connect for Java API installation folder.