Troubleshooting: Rational Quality Manager

You can use workarounds to common problems that you might encounter when you work with Rational® Quality Manager.
Table 1. Troubleshooting Rational Quality Manager
Problem Resolution
HCL OneTest API Agent 9.0 after configuring as a Rational Quality Manager adapter to use TLSv1.2 does not connect to enable remote test execution. Install HCL OneTest™ API 9.1 or later. Otherwise, for 9.0 add the following Java™ parameter:

For HCL OneTest™ API, add it to RQMAgent.ini.

For HCL OneTest API Agent, add it to the Library Manager JVM arguments.

Note: To see what protocol is used by the Agent when connecting to Rational Quality Manager, add the following Java parameter to RQMAgent.ini and Agent.ini.
After you execute tests or suites from Rational Quality Manager, and click Test Results on RTCP (Click Here) from the Test Case or Test Suite Results window, a dialog opens prompting you to enter a database name. This dialog shows because you did not configure a project results database to use and so the connection to the database fails. You must configure the project results database and publish the results database connection details from the HCL OneTest™ API project that contains the tests and suites to HCL Quality Server. For more information, see Working with HCL OneTest™ API resources in Rational Quality Manager.
When HCL OneTest API Agent is using an Asian locale, results from executing HCL OneTest™ API tests and suites in Rational Quality Manager do not show in an Asian language. Change the Asian locale to an English locale by using one of the following ways:
  • Edit Agent_installation_directory/RunTests.ini and append the following lines:
  • Edit Agent_installation_directory/LibConfig and add the following JVM argument:

Export the HCL OneTest™ API tests and suites again and execute them from Rational Quality Manager. The results show in English in Rational Quality Manager.